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Arm is the target

So, since the first target is arm, some of us may need to learn a bit (yep, that’s me). So this is a collection of helpful resources (links and specs) with sometimes very very brief summaries.

So why learn assembler, after all, it’s likely you spent your programmers life avoiding it:

A very good summary pdf from the arm university

Dave’s site explains just about everything about the arm in nice and easy to understand terms.

Also a nice assembler hack overview by Ciro Santilli, which has a section on system calls and links to the SOURCE

A nice series on thinkgeek, here is the integer division section that has code repository with code to generate code for constants.

And off course there is the overwhelming arm infocenter, here with it’s bizarre division

The full 750 page specification for the pi , the ARM1176JZF-S pdf is here or online

Virtual pi

And since not everyone has access to an arm, here is a description how to set up an emulated pi

And how to access that or any remote machine with ssl