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Ideas, old and new

An idea is where everything starts. Like this project. But not every idea makes it to reality, and some that do do not turn out as planned. This is a collection of both, the overripe and unripe. Maybe we can learn from the first, and by continuously reexamining the second see if it is worth the effort to bring them down to earth.


Since threads are not done, and won't be too soon, this is just a sort of general background info. What i think about the topic and will need to examine before starting that.


This came out of an older document, most of which got implemented by now. A bit about inlining and the such.


Is here for purely historical reasons. It was an important step in defining the calling convention and has some old benchmarks to that effect.


I was also thinking this section could serve as an intermediate discussion reference. Formulating ideas on the list and writing intermediate designs down here.


At some point i downloaded and saved a copy of Alexia Massalin phd thesis about Synthesis. If memory serves it was from Valerie Aurora

By chance i noticed that my links don't work and so i googled it and could not find another copy of the whole thesis online. So i am making my copy of SynthesisOS available. But i must apologise that the formatting is whacked, and in the conversion to haml some layout got inacurate. My only excuse is that this was never intended for anyone but me. But it is a very important milestone in our understanding of how to implement new and good ideas, so i will continue to host it and put a link up on wikipedia too.