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Asm out ( 2014-04-24 )

Part of the reason why i even thought this was possible was because i had bumped into Metasm.

Metasm creates native code in 100% ruby. Either from Assembler or even C (partially). And for many cpu’s too. It also creates many binary formats, elf among them.

Still, i wanted something small that i could understand easily as it was clear it would have to be changed to fit. As there was no external assembler file format planned, the whole approach from parsing was inappropriate.

I luckily found a small library, as, that did arm only and was just a few files. After removing not needed parts like parsing and some reformatting i added an assembler like dsl.

This layer (arm subdirectory) said hello after about 2 weeks of work.

I also got qemu to work and can thus develop without the actual pi.