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Moving on ( 2023-01-08 )

Me and ruby are moving on . . .

Ruby 3.2 just came out

And the fruits are finally showing. You don't need benchmarks to know that ruby is getting faster and faster, it shows easily in app startup and anything you do really. So kudos to the team, i see the shopify people and Aaron are putting a lot of work in.

Object Shapes

I was especially gratified to see that Object Shapes have been merged into mainstream and are in the release.

An Object Shape is what they call a unique memory layout of an object and is essentially what i called a Type in the previous post. It is the key that unlocks the chest of treasures.

For startes it makes the object and it's variables and Array. I didn't check to see how the lookup is done/avoided, but this all means it is all just a matter of time. I many rest in peace


Not to be hasty, i mean the ruby-x domain has been retired. I moved this to a subdomain, not because i still intend to do work, but as a reminder. Like the photo albums we used to have.

Personally i am done with this. I am glad to see the folks at ruby going the right way, but for me this new project is taking over, so no more ruby-x.

I mean that in a good way, the best possible. Everything has just exploded into xxl, life is definately a ride :-)